We carry a large selection of Cellular Modems
Sierra Wireless 

Sierra Wireless AirLink®Vendors Site

DNA Mobility carries the full product line from Sierra Wireless®, including the AirLink® MG90


PeplinkVendors Site

DNA Mobility is a proud reseller of Peplink Products!


BEC TechnologiesVendors Site

Cellular modems for all applications

DNA Mobility can help you determine the best modem to fit your needs and application.

DNA Mobility carries many brands of modems, including ones not listed on our site, to fit a wide range of applications and environments. Our sales staff can work with you to determine what hardware will best address your unique needs.

From hazardous areas that require a Class 1 Div 2 Classification to modems that can fit some of these requirements, high vibration, low temperature, lightweight, low power, high throughput, multiple carriers, SDWAN, etc. We carry the products that will fit your needs.

Management and Security.

A modem is just part of a project, how do you maintain the firmware, ensure communication is secure.

DNA Mobility is not just a hardware reseller, we also have the expertise to help you fit the correct management software to get the most out of your modems.

Security a concern for your organization, cellular modems have become a target in recent years. If you are not taking steps to secure those devices you could see sticker shock in data overages from your cellular carrier. DNA Mobility offers serverics to help secure those devices, including a Hosted Private Network offering.

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