DNA ISP Services

DNA Mobility Fixed Wireless Service

DNA Mobility is pleased to offer fixed wireless service for the Tolna Bay Campground in North Dakota

DNA offers seasonal plans for either the summer time or winter. The equipment can be mounted to your ice house and enjoyed while on the ice. We offer a 9-36v DC input POE Injector that can be hooked up to a deep cycle battery pack or solar system.

Hardware kits start at $256.00 (plus sales tax) for the LTU outdoor radio, indoor WiFi router, cables and POE injector. Includes activation fee.

DNA Offers the following service plans: (LTU Modem Required)

  • Summer Season - Internet 100 $180.00 (6 months)
  • Winter Season - Internet 100 $180.00 (6 months)
  • Annual - Internet 100 $360.00 (12 Months)

There are no data caps and speeds up to 100 mbps both up and down. Speeds are based on a shared wireless spectrum and are not guaranteed. Speeds are also dependant on how close you are to the radio towers.

You can view an estimated coverage map of the Tolna Bau Campground area that the wireless network can reach at the following link LTU Coverage Map

Interested in service? Please fill out the following form and a DNA Sales representative will get the paperwork started and send you out your self install kit. ISP Signup Form

Existing clients, you can log into your account via the following link.

Installation Instructions.

DNA Mobility will ship you a self installation kit that includes the outdoor radio, indoor router/access point, cables, and the mounting hardware.

The outdoor unit will need to be mounted with a clear line of site to one of the two radio towers. There is one tower at the bin site down by the lake and one about 1/2 way up the campsite in the middle. A category 6 ethernet cable will need to be ran from the outside unit to the inside unit, this cable will provide both data and power to the unit. A 25 foot cable is included with the kit, DNA Mobility does stock longer lenght cables if needed.

Client Installation Manual


What months does the seasonal subsciptions cover?

The Summer Seasonal plan goes from April 1st through September 30th.
The Winter Seasonal plan goes from October 1st through March 31st.

I purchased a seasonal plan in the middle of the season, will it be pro-rated?

The plan will not be pro-rated, you will receive the remaining months during the next season. E.G. if you purchase a Summer Seasonl plan on July 14th, you will receive service until September 30th of that year and then from April 1st through July 13th of the following year. Your plan will then renew on July 14th for the next 6 months (non-consecutive) of service.

The billing systems shows the price for a seasonal plan as 1 year?

The plan is billed once a year for 6 months of service.